History is more than just a collection of facts; it's about people.

1962 Smellison decides to take the company in a new direction by selling Tay-Ste-Ice and assorted products underwater. Luckily, his memo is garbled coming down through the ranks of power, and instead Tay-Ste-Ice is offered overseas. The message is garbled once again in translation in West Germany, the first country to recieve the product, where Tay-Ste-Ice is served warm and dipped in mayonaise.

1965 Smellison begins fighting a Cold War of his very own.

1966 Misinterpreting the ideas espoused by America's discontented youth, Tay-Ste-Ice markets a specially packaged version of their popular treats to GI's. The new package is six feet long and draped in an American flag. Despite heavy support from Stars and Stripes, the packaging never quite takes off.

1967 The makers of Tay-Ste-Ice try to get into the spirit of the summer of love by trying a bold new advertising technique: building a giant crystal to influence the world's vibe, getting all people to come together in frozen treats-inspired rapture.

1968 Fearing Communist infiltration, Smellison withraws into a bomb shelter with several thousand boxes of Tay-Ste-Ice and three cans of processed meat. He emerges five weeks later covered solely in empty Tay-Ste-Ice containers, telling the world "I really must urinate." Twenty-one days later, the Russians finally drop an atomic bomb on American soil, directly onto Tay-Ste-Ice's main factory. Smellison, who happens to have his head between his legs at the time, survives.

1969 Tay-Ste-Ice begins to package shiny objects inside their frozen treats. Hippies eat, and the decade ends in shame.

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