Now, in 1974, there is a growing scent on the wind. The scent of opportunity, the scent of the future. "From whence does it waft?" you ask. From tomorrow! It is this scent, and others, that the Tay-Ste-Ice company will be putting off into the Land of the Unknown, into the future. How do we know this? Well, look at the many present-day developments Tay-Ste-Ice is pioneering to bring our product screaming straight into 1975 and beyond:

     The robots of the future will need oil, and they will need it badly. Which is why, since the 1950s, the Tay-Ste-Ice company has slipped an ever-increasing amount of motor oil into every single Tay-Ste-Ice packaged treat. Robots need Fla-Vor just as much as they need the whirlings of their futuristic gyroscope motors to keep them going, and Tay-Ste-Ice is proud to be the first to reach to our uncreated robot consumptionists.

     A new plant has opened in Flint, Michigan, a plant of tomorrow, working on the American ideals of yesterday. The loyal workers of our new processing center are dedicated to moving Tay-Ste-Ice forward, and never into the past, unless that is what is done in the future. In which case we will do that. And do they love the near-minimum wage salary and plenty of Tay-Ste-Ice benefits? You bet!

     No doubt in the future there will be dogs and cats who are domesticated to such a degree that they look, talk, and act exactly like humans.

     Using "rocketry" and other yet-unbuilt devices, Tay-Ste-Ice can be blasted directly in the sun, in an attempt to inject our six delicious flavors into the photons which stream throughout our solar system. Are we worried that our "chilling" product will cause the sun's plasma to drop to such a temperature that fusion no longer takes place, causing the photosphere to collapse, leaving our world and uncontacted alien worlds to be absorbed by the unmerciful, near-absolute-zero temperatures of space? No, not really. They're just little kids' treats.

    A future of many things. Many things in the the future. Some are already here, some will not be here until later.

     But what of Tay-Ste-Ice itself? No doubt our children's children will create a new type of Tay-Ste-Ice, made up of substances not yet invented. We can find examples of this practice even now, with our research of the new wonder-drug Thalidomide. Who knows what wonderful flavors and ingredients the future Tay-Ste-Ice may hold? Not us! We're not there yet.

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