The following are excerpts from the upcoming book The Oldest New Market: Tay-Ste-Ice in China, 1963-1973, to be published come winter by Frozenliquids Press, in tandem with the PBS special of the same name. Written by husband and wife historians Edward and Dorothy Dasani (authors of the acclaimed "Incans! Incans! Incans!") this is to be the first large scholarly approach to an oft-ignored but major turning point not only in Chinese history, but in Tay-Ste-Ice history.

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(All pictures are copyright Frozenliquids Press, and not be reproduced without express permission of the authors.)

Chapter 1: Beginnings
               The auspicious egg cracks, releasing the sunlight of birth.
Chapter 2: Expansion
              A gradual swelling takes place, not all of the herbs and teas can reduce it.
Chapter 3: Acceptance
             Sometimes, the lonely duck is a frozen tube of fla-vor.
Chapter 4: More Acceptance
            Stopping fist defeats second immovable stance.
Chapter 5: Revolution
           The dragon's scales shimmer as it shifts in direction.
Chapter 6: Defeat
          The cookie, crumbled, is abandoned to the winds.

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