There was no script. Things kept happening that had never happened before.

1921 Thanks to the growing popularity of freezer-boxes and Prohibition, the new Tay-Ste-Ice product rides high during the Roaring Twenties.  Police officers trying to combat the lawless citizens and their "speakeasies," (social clubs that were nothing more than fronts for the illegal sale of liquors and other spirits) decide to start "Tay-Ste-Ice Bars" The Tay-Ste-Ice bars, although at first popular, quickly wane when patrons realize they are nothing more than fronts for the legal police operations of upholding the law, filing paperwork, and hiring the Irish.

1922 The police give up on the idea of Tay-Ste-Ice Bars. Although they do not actually illegalize Tay-Ste-Ice Bars, it is against the normal code of conduct for police operations. The "youth of the Roaring Twenties" consider this enough of a reason to start their own Tay-Ste-Ice Bars and flaunt the law.

1924 Bartholomew Rutle becomes the first man to simultaneously eat six different flavors of Tay-Ste-Ice while riding down the Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, he attempts the falls from the wrong direction, and is crushed. It is believed he finished all six Tay-Ste-Ice before his death.

1925 Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and other rising negro entertainers.

1928 Edgar Darcy Ellison uses his massive wealth to start construction on his "Tay-Ste-Ice Xanadu," a mansion containing statues sailed in from Europe, chandeliers in each room imported from Russia, and dirt from Australia. The plans contain an indoor zoo, an orphanage, and what would have been the largest freezer unit in the modern world, excluding Antarctica. Ellison, not content with those "accoutrements of the average man," also draws into the plans hot and cold running water, a perfectly flat staircase, and the world's first fold out couch. Unfortunately, Tay-Ste-Ice Xanadu is never to be completed. The original blueprints turn out to be so unstable they collapse into themselves, leaving little question as to what the fate of the actual mansion would have been, had it been built. All involved on the project soon die of mysterious causes except for Ellison himself, who is eaten by a mummy.

1929 The Tay-Ste-Ice company, under new management, invests in America. The investment does not pay off.

1930 The Tay-Ste-Ice company goes under new management. This time it is the stern but affectionate guiding hand of Ellison's grandson, young Darcy Ellison, who takes control of the company and "goes back to the basics," cutting the production line back to 5 flavors, removing the somewhat popular "Baking Soda." In a bold move that cements his reputation for leadership, Darcy also replaces "Salt and Vinegar" with "Grape."

1934 Always the craftiest of his clan, beating his siblings regularly at games of chance, young Ellison persuades the government to adopt Tay-Ste-Ice as the official "frozen treat" of the Works Progress Administration. He reports immediately that "these hard-working men and women of America seem over-joyed to receive our fine treats," but regrets that refrigeration is not available.

1936 America still founders in the depths of the Great Depression. Citizens are out of work everywhere, and many families have trouble keeping food on the table. Residents of the dust bowl states continue their exodus in search of economic opportunities elsewhere, often finding only disappointment. The Ellisons, no strangers to hardship themselves, often do without their "sweet-meats" and are forced to endure an inferior grade of linen. They also have difficulties acquiring the fractional pennies necessary to pay their migrant workers.

1939 Hitlermania! Ellison donates an undisclosed sum to the popular chancellor of Germany for his "progressive" social reforms. Later in life, when questioned about this financial support a regretful Ellison explains, "I thought he was Charlie Chaplin. Really! I could have sworn that was the lovable Tramp leading Germany, persecuting the Jews."

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