12000 BC Evidence of simple papyrus containers, possibly for holding flavor of some sort, are found from this era in Upper Egypt.

788 AD Charlemagne bemoans that he "can find no good tasting ice in the whole of Europe," kills 30 serfs.

1066 Normans invade the British Isles. No significant frozen treat developments.

1767 James Boswell, living outside of London, devises a paper pouch "for retaining fluides of a flavourful nature, such as sweet-oils, which could then be chilled using the bracing glacier-waters from the Scandinavian isles." Unfortunately, none of his contemporaries find the idea of "sweet-oils" to be even remotely appetizing and he is shunned. Boswell quickly returns to doggedly documenting every word and deed of his mentor, Samuel Johnston.

1883 Thaddeus Miller moves to New York City from the back-woods of West Virginia to make his fortune selling disposable refreshment containers to the hard working urbanites. Product is almost immediately recognized as flawed when consumers realize that they must provide their own refreshment to the empty tubes.
The country, still reeling from the Civil War, does not know what to make of the enterprising young Miller's novel invention. "These thangs ain't sellin' like they was back home, Maw," he laments in a letter written in August and consisting largely of pictographs. One month later, in his last letter home, he informs his family that he is going to try his luck out west. He is never heard from again. [Thaddeus' original patent drawing.]

1903 Edgar Darcy Ellison, self-proclaimed "flavor tycoon", adds to his arsenal of dessert products a sealed pouch of sweetened, mildly flavored water which he dubbed "Fla-Vor". Although this is clearly a patent infringement on the absentee Miller's earlier design, few who question escape unscathed. The invention gains modest popularity among the toothless. [Ellison's drawings. Fig 1 and Fig 2b]

Breakout success awaits the next development in the Tay-Ste-Ice saga.

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