Hey Kids!

Do you know what a company is? Well, if you don't, I'll tell you, if you would just be patient. We are, after all, trying to help you, small child.

Ready? A company is a magical creature that makes sure that web pages like this don't exist. No web pages here, especially not about the Otter Pops! No sir-eee! Why would a company want to do such a thing? Don't ask us. We don't understand magical creatures any more than you do, kid.

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The Rejected Weasel Pops


Bionic Pop

This WeaselPop, eventually rejected by the FDA, was to be filled halfway with a liquid made up of 4% fruit juice, and halfway with assorted nuts and bolts. Just like Lee Majors!


Pol Pop

Khmer Rouge never tasted this good!


Pestilence Plum


Comrade Stalin

Bronson Pinchot


Clara Bartonberry

"Treat your wounds, kids!"


Limon Bolivar



"I am as god made me."


Evil Michael Eisner

Juju-Berry Jesus

No offense, Mohommed, but Juju-Berry just tastes better!




Chuck Berry

The rockin' and rollin' flavor of beef chuck.

Michael Stipeasaurus

The Weasel Pope

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