The Fat Carpenter and Matteo, my first full-length comic, details the history behind the discovery of linear perspective. Set in Florence in the 15th century, it follows Filippo Brunelleschi, the discoverer of linear perspective and architect of the Duomo in Florence, and Leon Battisti Alberti, architect and codifier of the rules of perspective, as they drastically change the way Western art portrayed reality. A bit of history, a bit of math, in a comic form.

While all those words I just wrote surely mean something, if they do not, you can simply read the first chapter of the The Fat Carpenter and Matteo.
Buying Fat Carpenter and Matteo

Through the wonders of the internet, you may purchase your very own copy of The Fat Carpenter and Matteo either with a credit card or by check. All it takes is 4 bucks american. Three for the book, one for shipping.


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