Someone once indicated to me, through a slight nod of his head, that there are institutions where learning takes place. And, as the Wizard mentioned, men no smarter than you or I go there to learn how to think deep thoughts. But they have one thing you haven't got. Until you figure out what that is, here are other things.

What are they?

A collection of comics done for the Evergreen State College paper. There. Now you know. Are you happy? The paper, the Cooper Point Journal (the CPJ), decided against its best interest to print the following comics. I drew many more than these, but these are some of my favorites. They represent my first stumbling attempts at comics. The stumbling continues to this day.

The following are more or less in chronological order, and as such get better as you go along. If you have a high-speed connection, just click on "See the Full Year" to download all at once.

Year One (2001-2002)     See the Full Year
The History of Comics
Comics About Pencils Presents...
Bazooka Joe
Holiday Spirits
Ushering in the New Year
A Comic Circus Comics Strip
Well Let's See, It's Like...
Predictions From the Future with Edward Dithyramb
A Children's Tale...of Adventure!
Methods of Choking
Beach Balls Graduation
Year Two (2002-2003)     See the Full Year
Tales of Tomorrow
More of the Same
Advice From Ready.Gov

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